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What questions can we answer for you?

1. What advantages does CN Protect Plus® offer for my slurry silo / pit?

In direct comparison with other types of covers, CN Protect Plus offers not only absolute economic efficiency, but also immediately effective protection. Our mineral floating cover consists of fired clay, multiple, air-filled cells and a sintered surface. This results in an immediate effect once the required volume of CN Protect Plus is added to your slurry silo or pit.

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2. What exactly does “immediately effective protection” mean?

As soon as the amount of CN Protect Plus that you have ordered and we have delivered is applied to your slurry silo / pit, our mineral floating cover offers an average odour retention of 98% and an average ammonia retention of 92%.

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3. What is the basis of the legal security of CN Protect Plus®?

As a basis and for submission to your responsible local building control authority, you need the documented conclusions regarding the test results of CN Protect Plus issued by the accredited service laboratory LUFA NORD-WEST. You can download their conclusions about CN Protect Plus here.

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4. What layer thickness do you recommend for the initial filling in the slurry silo / pit and how is it delivered?

For the initial filling of your slurry silo / pit, we recommend a layer thickness of 15 cm of our CN Protect Plus. The type of delivery depends on the actual requirements and the product is generally delivered by tipper or walking floor lorry or silo vehicle.

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5. Is there anything else that must be observed with this type of cover?

Yes, our mineral floating cover must form a continuous layer with a minimum thickness of 10 cm in your slurry silo / pit. The current legal regulations of the German Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control (TA Luft) and the German Federal Immission Control Act (BimSchG) are met only if this layer thickness is observed.

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6. Is CN Protect Plus® flammable like other or previous covers?

No, our product CN Protect Plus is rated as a class A1 building material in accordance with DIN 4102 and thus is non-flammable.

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7. Is CN Protect Plus® a sustainable product?

Our product CN Protect Plus consists of 100% clay, more precisely, expanded clay, and is therefore a natural product. It is extracted by means of opencast mining, and of course the areas left behind are later renaturised. The resources are always used optimally taking into account and in strict compliance with the legal regulations. Thus renaturisation results in new, stable ecosystems in which the focus is on a natural capacity for regeneration.

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8. How does CN Protect Plus® behave when the slurry is agitated and pumped out?

The behaviour of CN Protect Plus during this phase may vary depending on the fill level of the container. As soon as the agitator is switched off, a continuous floating cover forms again within minutes and the positive properties immediately take effect again. When slurry is removed, in other words, during pumping, our mineral floating cover continually and automatically adjusts to the fill height inside the slurry container. When the fill level is low, we recommend waiting for a brief moment (approx. five minutes) after agitation to allow any CN Protect Plus that has been stirred up to float to the surface again. Because of this covering technology, of course, the slurry container should not be emptied completely to avoid also removing the floating cover.

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9. What is if CN Protect Plus® is pumped off and spread onto the field with the slurry?

If part of the mineral floating cover is inadvertently removed with the slurry, this does not pose a problem. As a natural product, CN Protect Plus generally offers soil-improving properties and is then available in your field as a substrate in a positive side-effect.

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10. Can CN Protect Plus® damage slurry silos / pits?

No, we have also been marketing our CN expanded clay as a slurry container cover for more than three decades and there have been no damages and no complaints in that time. With the further development of CN Protect Plus, we want to be a strong partner to the agricultural sector and offer you a legally compliant alternative slurry container cover at a fair price.

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11. How does CN Protect Plus® behave in strong winds?

In general, the mineral floating cover remains unaffected and therefore closed. If the wind ever does reach forces capable of shifting the floating cover or creating gaps in it, these close again immediately when the wind dies down and the layer automatically again readjusts again as a closed floating cover.

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12. Does the use of CN Protect Plus® hold added value for the slurry silo / pit?

Yes, the properties of CN Protect Plus are absolutely independent of the respective temperature or current weather conditions. It neither expands at warm temperatures nor contracts at cold temperatures. Because of its thermally insulating properties, our mineral floating cover partially protects your slurry silo / pit against freezing in the area of the floating layer during the cold season of the year. Moreover, our mineral floating cover protects the slurry all year round by ensuring that the liquid remains in the slurry and does not evaporate. Thus agitation should result in the reformation of homogeneous and pumpable slurry.

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13. Does CN Protect Plus® have to be replenished over time and does it thereby remain economically efficient?

In both cases, the answer is clearly “yes”. LUFA NORD-WEST investigated and documented the sinkage rate of CN Protect Plus. On the whole, this is very low and amounts to a mere 4% per year, so replenishment is required only in the long term. The initial filling includes a 5-cm buffer layer which covers the sinkage rate for the first few years. In addition, CN Protect Plus offers unbeatable cost efficiency over the space of many years and thereby also addresses the economic factor when it comes to covering slurry containers. Modern farmers already have to comply with many requirements and are also subject to severe financial strains. It is precisely in this regard that the other strength of our mineral floating cover in direct price comparison with other approved cover forms becomes apparent. An additional economic aspect is the saving of costs for additional fertilizer, because it may be possible to reduce this consumption or need. Ammonia is retained at an average rate of 92 % and thus remains in the slurry.

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14. How do I reorder CN Protect Plus® and is there a service for this?

We address our customers’ wishes individually. We offer you the service of contacting you in due time and ascertaining your respective requirements. Once the volume requirements have been determined, we find the most affordable form of delivery for you. Generally, the following options are available:

  • Bulk delivery by silo or walking floor vehicle or tipper lorry
  • 1 m³ - and 2.5 m³-bigbags on palettes
  • 50-litre bags on palettes

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15. Is supply availability dependent on the location of the operation (farm)?

No, we deliver our products all over Germany and, of course, also worldwide. We generally deliver to the location specified or requested by our customer.

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16. How long is the usual delivery period?

As a rule, the delivery time within Germany is approx. 8 - 10 days. Of course, we also address this point in detail in our individual offer.

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17. What will my first order of CN Protect Plus® cost?

As a rule, we have voluntarily committed to a uniform basic price for all agricultural queries. Of course this applies for both initial and subsequent orders. Other factors, for example, volume requirements and type and place of delivery then also enter into the determination of the final price. In view of the fact that different farms have different container sizes, the base quantity of our mineral floating cover also varies from one query to the next. The geographical location of the operation, which is decisive for the determination of freight charges, is an additional factor. Because of the aforementioned factors, an individual offer is indispensable for each query. We will be happy to help you determine your volume requirements and make you an individual offer promptly. Please contact us if we can be of assistance.

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