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Natural, mineral substrate for hydroponics, green rooftops and greenery projects

With CN GREEN LINE products, everything is always in the green when it comes to plant propagation and care. The natural, purely mineral substrates provide for healthy growth and lively greenery in many indoor and outdoor applications.



Hydro substrate for luxuriant plant growth without potting soil.

With the mineral substrate from the CN GREEN LINE, plants grown by hydroponics flourish with no “green thumb” required. Find out more


For tree plantings in locations with dense soil.

The root snorkels in the CN GREEN LINE supply the roots of young trees with oxygen and offer many other additional advantages. Find out more


So that plants on balconies and terraces flourish and bloom: Natural substrates.

Plants in pots and tubs and on balconies benefit from the growth-inducing properties of the substrates in the CN GREEN LINE. Find out more


More quality for soil and green areas: With purely mineral substrates.

The products in the CN Green Line offer natural, efficient solutions for all areas of gardening and landscaping. Find out more


Planting substrate for simple, professional planting of all kinds of rooftops.

Whether extensive or intensive greenery: CN GREEN LINE planting substrate permanently transforms rooftops into green oases. Find out more

mycorrhiza fungi

Mycorrhiza and CN Expanded Clay Granulate: Two natural products as helpers in agriculture and forestry

CN Construct Expanded Clay Granules are the ideal carrier amplifier to promote the interaction between fungus and plant in a natural way.

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