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We are experts in expanded clay with advantageous products for many industries

If you first want to find out about us as a partner and the basis of our activity, namely, the raw material used in manufacturing expanded clay and how it is made, we welcome your interest.



Profit from a long-term partnership with CN Consulting + Baustoff-Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH

We are at your side: With innovative products, know-how, service and sophisticated logistics. Find out more


Quality reveals itself in more than certificates

Application-oriented analyses by renowned institutes are part of our quality management. Find out more


What could be more persuasive than a healthy mix of tradition and innovation?

We have been marketing high-quality expanded clay since 1988 and are constantly refining our portfolio. Find out more


A natural product with versatile properties

Since when has expanded clay been produced, and how is it made? Find out more about the history and production of this versatile product


A small selection with a broad range

For many years, customers from various industries have relied on our expertise and the quality of our products. Find out more

Phone. +49 4152 40 81 · Fax: +49 4152 812 22 ·
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