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Natural, mineral substrate for balcony boxes and potted plants

TDuring the warm months of the year, pots, tubs and boxes with flourishing greenery adorn balconies and terraces. In a simple and natural manner, CN GREEN LINE brand mineral substrates help facilitate healthy plant growth.

Expanded clay for balcony plants and terrace greenery

Dimensionally stable CN GREEN LINE substrates made of high-quality expanded clay are unaffected by rain, frost or intense sunlight. They are neither soluble nor subject to swelling, but their open-pored structure enables them to store moisture and release it again as needed. Moreover, the substrates are resistant to pests, mould or fungus, thus reducing the risk of infection to plants. If they are covered with a barrier material, they can also be reused without problems for many years for balcony plants and terrace greenery.

Loosened potting soil – vibrant greenery

The natural substrates in the CN GREEN LINE promote sound plant growth in many ways. If the bottoms of balcony boxes or pots are filled with substrate, the expanded clay ensures reliable drainage. Excess irrigation water or rainwater is stored and released to the plants again as needed. This avoids both "drowning" and dehydration of the plants as well as formation of mould. Moreover, the roots are optimally supplied with oxygen.

With an additional substrate layer that covers the uppermost layer of soil, dehydration of balcony plants can be prevented even more reliably. If substrate is additionally mixed with the potting soil, the soil structure is improved. The loosened soil is able to absorb water and nutrients more readily. Rapid, firm anchoring of roots is promoted, which is advantageous when planting or repotting plants.

CN GREEN LINE planting substrate (particle sizes 1 - 5 mm and 4 - 8 mm) and multisubstrate (particle size 2 - 8 mm) are well-proven when it comes to planting balcony boxes and pots. We will be happy to inform you about the specific application and determine your volume requirements with you. Contact us.

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