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As an aggregate in lightweight concrete and other lightweight building materials or for cavity fill

The shape and low weight of expanded clay make it an ideal aggregate for mortar or concrete. Densely structured lightweight concrete, in which expanded clay is used as a porous aggregate, is suitable for reinforced or pre-stressed concrete buildings. Porous lightweight concrete made with expanded clay exhibits good thermal insulating capacity and compressive strength. Other areas of application include insulation bricks, insulating plaster, plasterboard for noise prevention and fire prevention, thermal insulation and wet and dry mortar.


From thermal insulation to sound insulation – expanded clay is ideal as fill

CN Construct expanded clay is equally ideal as cavity fill or levelling fill. Its impressive qualities include insulating capacity, heat storage and sound insulation as well as simple and rapid processing as a virtually self-compacting material. Depending on the scope of delivery, it can be processed using a silo vehicle, permitting it to be blown in. Thus CN Construct expanded clay is used in many cavity fill applications, whether in timber ceilings, between sleepers also on solid ceilings or as fill in channels and shafts, and as drainage fill in foundations. Levelling fill is fill used, for example, to compensate for unevenness or as resilient levelling fill with screed systems.


There is an exceptionally wide range of potential applications. We will be happy to advise you personally about applications or particle sizes and can supply the product to you in expedient units from bags to entire vehicle loads. Contact us.

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