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CN Consulting + Baustoff-Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH
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Decades of expertise in expanded clay

The CN Consulting + Baustoff-Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH team – which is headquartered in Geesthacht near Hamburg – has an exceptionally high level of expertise in expanded clay products. Since back in the late 1980s, it has been marketing Danish-made high-quality expanded clay to various business segments. These include the construction industry, the green sector with, for example, gardening and landscaping and hydroponics, the winter grit sector as well as biofilters and special applications.


Historically, the "Consulting" part of the name reflects the origin of the enterprise: Advising Danish companies who wanted to gain a foothold in the German market. That was only natural, since CN Consulting’s founders also have Danish roots, but lived in Germany and were familiar with the market. They also contributed their proven expertise, gained in previous career steps, with the natural material expanded clay. Thus on the basis of a very successful cooperation with LECA, the largest Danish manufacturer of high-quality expanded clay, the company shifted its focus to become a major importer of this natural product. For decades now, CN Consulting has been considered an important player in the expanded clay market even far beyond the borders of Germany.

Actively shaping the market

Through constant interaction with numerous scientific institutes, colleges and universities, CN products are overseen from development to everyday use, thus creating standards against which others have to be measured. Moreover, our participation in numerous trade and professional associations enables us to play a part in actively shaping market development and events.

Service-driven logistics and on-time delivery

Selected logistics partners with a high level of service competence round out our wide range of services, thus making our company a partner who is both reliable and innovative.


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