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What questions can we answer for you?

Where can the CN Green Line product line be used?

Our product line CN Green Line can be used for almost any application in the green sector. Be it in interior greening, in landscaping or in roof greening. With our products we fulfil the current requirements of FLL, Forschungsgesellschaft Landschaftsentwicklung Landschaftsbau e. V., as well as FBB, Fachvereinigung Bauwerksbegrünung e. V..

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Which expanded clay product is primarily used in hydroponics?

Our CN Hydro expanded clay substrate with a grain size of 8 - 16 mm is mostly used in hydroponics. For smaller vessels our CN Hydro expanded clay substrate with a grain size of 4 - 8 mm is used. Both of the above grain sizes have and are therefore subject to the specified requirements of the RAL Quality Mark, Reichs-Ausschuss für Lieferbedingungen. If a broken grain is required, our CN Hydro plant substrate 4 - 8 mm is usually ordered. Depending on the field of application, other products are also available. The 50 litre bag variant has crystallized as an established unit for all three grain sizes.

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How do CN products stand out in hydroponics, e.g. visually and qualitatively?

We predominantly have a kidney-shaped grain shape with a closed grain, which is a clear sign that this is a high-quality Leca® product. Another important statement is that expanded clay is not just expanded clay. There is a very manageable number of manufacturers in our industry. From the very beginning, for about 30 years, we have had a very high demand on the quality of our entire product groups and actively influence the manufacturing processes. Therefore, it goes without saying that we do not make any compromises with regard to the quality of the expanded clay used for interior greening.

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Years ago, I saw white deposits on the expanded clay of an object in the interior greening of an interior, is this mould growth involved?

A very clear "no". Expanded clay is a purely mineral / ceramic substrate that does not contain any organic substances. A mould formation is therefore basically not possible and must be completely excluded. It concerns here merely efflorescences.

One cause of efflorescence may be, but this is very rarely the case, that small and medium vessels, due to natural fluctuations in the capillarity of the expanded clay, have different water rise heights. This can cause both the natural mineral salts contained in the watering water and the added fertiliser salts to settle on the surface due to surface evaporation and form a white coating. However, this mineral salt coating has no effect on plant growth and is only optically relevant. The coating can be washed off effortlessly or replaced by new expanded clay if necessary.

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For which roof structures can CN Green Line be used?

Due to its lightness, CN Green Line offers a justified application for any roof structure. Both architects and structural engineers can rely on our "lightweights" for existing and new buildings. Whether it is a cold roof, warm roof or inverted roof with an extensive or intensive green roof.

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Does CN offer a complete roof greening solution?

No, our expanded clay products only cover partial applications (as substrate, filter layer and drainage layer) in these complex green roof systems. For a complete solution, contact a specialist directly. He will be able to present and offer you a tailor-made system. Whether a project falls under the category DIY (Do it yourself), everyone must decide for themselves.


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Is there any added value in using CN expanded clay?

  • Our expanded clay products are generally subject to building material class A1. According to the leaflet "Fire protection - European building material classes" this means according to DIN EN 13501 that our products are not flammable.
  • In the multi-layered structure of a green roof, there is also the point of thermal insulation. If you also want to use a natural building material, you can use our grain size 10 - 20 mm. Our data sheet for sound and thermal insulation fill also shows that our declared value for thermal conductivity is an impressive λ = 0.095 W/mK.

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What are the delivery times for CN Green Line products?

As a rule, the delivery time within Germany is approx. 8 - 10 days. Of course, we will also address this point in detail in our individual offer.

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Up to what radius are CN orders shipped?

We deliver our products nationwide and of course worldwide. In general, we deliver to the location specified by the customer. In Europe there is a restriction in the delivery environment, since the Benelux countries (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg) cannot be supplied at present unfortunately by all CN Green Line products.

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Which delivery forms are available for the CN Green Line products?

Depending on the needs and size of the customer or the company, we can offer a wide range of delivery forms. In the case of loose goods there is the possibility of delivery by silo vehicle or in a tipper / walking floor vehicle. Two different BigBag sizes are available as container units and the 50 l bagged product is available as a standard product. The CN root snorkel is shipped as the smallest order unit with 80 pieces, 20 litres each as a jute snorkel, in a display carton on an euro-pallet.

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