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Gardening and landscaping:
Mineral substrates for soil improvement and healthy green areas

Whether it’s creating a park, outdoor areas around public buildings or green areas in private residential construction: The various mineral products in the CN GREEN LINE open up many possibilities for simple, long-lasting and efficient greenery in gardening and landscaping.

Substrates made of natural expanded clay

Light, dimensionally stable, and resistant to both weathering and rodents: The natural CN GREEN LINE substrates made of expanded clay offer many advantages. These also include the fact that they are biologically and chemically neutral and do not change the pH level of the soil. They are neither soluble nor can they be washed away by water, but their open-pored structure enables them to store moisture and release it again as needed. Moreover, the substrates are resistant to pests, mould or fungus, thus reducing the risk of infection to plants. They do not lose these positive qualities even after years, making them highly suitable for economical use in many areas of gardening and landscaping.

Structural soil improvement

CN GREEN LINE multisubstrate, cracked expanded clay with a particle size of 2 - 8 mm, is used for structural improvement of all types of soil. In heavy soil, it prevents compaction and waterlogging. The soil is loosened and becomes more permeable. When planting in sandy soil, the mineral substrate counteracts dehydration. The pores of the clay granulate absorb water and nutrients and release them again as needed. Thus plants survive even extended dry spells unharmed. If the soil is highly aquiferous, CN GREEN LINE multisubstrate assumes the drainage function. The substrate absorbs and binds excess water without swelling and changing in volume. The risk of mould formation decreases.

Optimisation of turf quality

Both when planting new grassy areas and rehabilitating existing ones, CN GREEN LINE multisubstrate can contribute to an improvement in turf quality. When creating a new grassy area, the mineral substrate is simply added to the soil by means of digging or tilling. In the case of older, mossy lawns, slit draining can ensure optimisation of soil conditions. In this process, slits which extend to the drainage system or more water-permeable layers are cut and filled with multisubstrate. The result is improved aeration of the soil and faster water drainage.

Planting trees in dense soil

In gardening and landscaping, one is often confronted by the challenge of planting in urban areas with densely sealed soil. For sound tree growth, however, permeable soil is important for sufficient ventilation of and water supply to the roots. Adding CN GREEN LINE substrate loosens the soil and thus ensures the necessary supply of oxygen. Thanks to its high storage capacity and drainage, it regulates the water balance, thus enabling trees to flourish in the long term. For especially difficult site conditions, it is advisable to supplement this with the CN GREEN LINE root snorkel.

Extensive and intensive rooftop greenery

Creating green rooftops gives landscape architects the opportunity to create gardens in lofty heights where they have disappeared because of development on the ground. Very good results are obtained with the CN GREEN LINE mineral substrates when it comes to both extensive and intensive rooftop greenery. As a vegetation layer and as a water storage and drainage layer, they transform rooftops into green oases permanently, lastingly and efficiently.

CN GREEN LINE products can also be used as a natural drainage layer when creating paths in parks or gardens. We will be happy to inform you about additional potential applications and volume requirements. Contact us.

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