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Sustainable, salt-free winter grit granulate for slip-proof surfaces

The hunt for a sustainable winter grit granulate that doesn’t harm the environment represents a growing challenge for providers of professional winter services. CN WINTER GRIT is the ideal solution to this problem. It is a 100% natural product made of crushed expanded clay. The rough surface of the 2-4 mm granulate creates an anti-slip effect, making it ideal for gritting smooth surfaces such as paths, roads and car parks.

Salt-free and sustainable

CN WINTER GRIT meets all the requirements of a sustainable product. The natural, salt-free granulate is 100% ecologically compatible and can be scattered without fear of harming the environment. It is nontoxic, does not attack trees or shrubs, and is free of sharp edges that could injure animals with sensitive paws. It also does not cause corrosion on vehicles or bridges. If it is washed into the sewer system after thawing, this does not present a problem, as it is around four times lighter than water. This means that the grains always float on the surface and, as such, do not block the sewer tunnels. What’s more, any CN WINTER GRIT still left on paths by spring can be used again: when swept into flower beds or vegetated verges, it acts as a substrate, providing natural, sustainable soil enrichment.

Ultra-high-yield Grit

The natural winter grit’s low weight presents another sustainability benefit, as CN WINTER GRIT excels with its disproportionately high yield. A 50-litre sack only weighs around 14 kg, yet is easily enough to grit an area of around 750 m². That is around 3.5 times the area that can be covered with the same weight of sand or crushed stone. This means that, with its high yield, CN WINTER GRIT makes an active contribution to sustainable, efficient gritting.

Grit granulate: Store indefinitely - use immediately

The product’s cost-effectiveness and sustainability are supported by its excellent shelf life. CN WINTER GRIT is odourless, does not expire or clump, and does not freeze even in temperatures below -10 °C. The granulate is ready for use whenever it is required, and makes smooth surfaces slip-proof and safe to walk on immediately after gritting. It is available in small and large quantities and can be scattered either by hand or by gritting vehicles.

No matter whether you’re using the sustainable CN WINTER GRIT on private paths and driveways, on commercial grounds or in communal areas, we’ll be happy to advise you and determine the quantity you need. Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any queries.

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