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Natural substrate instead of potting soil for easy-care plant splendour

Hydroponics means "water culture". This means that the plants are supplied with water, but do without soil. Normally, potting soil is used to give them support and anchor the roots firmly. In hydroponics, the mineral hydrosubstrate CN GREEN LINE assumes these tasks. The plants are planted in a pot filled with kidney-shaped clay granulate. A water level indicator shows when watering is required. The plant supplies itself independently from a nutrient reservoir – and thus has everything it needs to thrive.

Expanded clay permits healthy plant growth

CN GREEN LINE hydrosubstrate is a purely natural product. The 2 to 16 mm kidney-shaped, red-brown globules of expanded clay are light, dimensionally stable and biologically and chemically neutral. Their pore structure ensures high water storage capacity and good ventilation of the roots. Moreover, the substrate is rotproof, resistant to pests, mould or fungus and extremely long-lasting. Generally, it can be used for years without having to be replaced.

Hydroponics with CN GREEN LINE offers many advantages:

  • The system is easy to maintain and permits healthy plant growth with no “green thumb” required.
  • The plants require only very infrequent watering and fertilisation. As a rule, they do not dry out even with watering intervals of two to three weeks.
  • If mineral hydrosubstrate is used instead of soil, the plantings are clean, odourless and hygienic. This benefits allergy sufferers and asthmatics. Moreover, hydroponics is the only greenery system approved for hospitals.
  • Hydroponic plants provide for improved relative humidity and filter out airborne pollutants.

Hydroponic plants flourish everywhere

Hydroponics with CN GREEN LINE hydrosubstrate is suitable for many areas. Whether in living spaces or offices, restaurants or surgeries, conservatories or greenery projects: This easy-to-use system provides everywhere for natural accents, a modern ambience and a room climate in which one can live and work well.

We will be happy to inform you in detail about usage and volume requirements of our hydrosubstrate for your individual greenery project. Contact us.

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