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Natural products for a flourishing rooftop garden

A green roof not only looks attractive, but also offers many advantages from an ecological and economic perspective. With both extensive and intensive greenery, the mineral CN GREEN LINE planting substrate serves to transform roofs simply and permanently into green oases.

Rooftop greenery can be subsidised

There is already scientific proof that green rooftops benefit people and nature in many ways. Those who ultimately elect for a rooftop garden can benefit from a wide range of subsidy programmes in some German states and municipalities. For example, the federal states Hamburg and Bremen have statewide subsidy programmes in which rooftop greenery to a defined standard of quality is also financially subsidised. Owing to the fact that construction law already falls within the purview of the respective local administration, an inquiry to the responsible office can indeed result in a noticeable reduction in overall cost. Profit from the multiple benefits of a green rooftop.

A green rooftop benefits both humanity and nature

Rooftop greenery protects against heat in summer and cold in winter. Rainwater is retained and stored. That eases the burden on the sewerage system, while simultaneously promoting air humidification and filtration of fine particulates. So there are many good reasons to choose a green roof. Depending on the type and load-bearing capacity of the roof, extensive or intensive greenery is possible. In both cases, CN GREEN LINE planting substrate ensures sound plant growth.

Extensive rooftop greenery

For roofs with low load-bearing capacity, for example, sloping roofs, extensive greenery with CN GREEN LINE planting substrate is the perfect solution. Small, low-maintenance plants (approx. 5 - 20 cm in height) such as moss, sedum or grass are planted directly on a substrate layer enriched with nutrients. The mineral substrate made of expanded clay prevents dehydration. The expanded clay is open-pored, which enables it to store a large proportion of its dry weight in water. Simultaneously, it ensures reliable drainage and thus regulates the water household of the roof with single-layer extensive greenery.

Intensive rooftop greenery

Intensive greenery with CN GREEN LINE planting substrate is particularly suitable for flat roofs that are able to support a load. In this case, it is possible to create a garden in lofty heights with ground-covering plants, flowers, small shrubs and trees. Unlike extensive greenery, intensive greenery has multiple layers. The plant roots are firmly anchored in a vegetation layer that consists mostly of soil, top soil or peat mixed with CN GREEN LINE planting substrate. After a filter layer comes the water storage and drainage layer, in which the expanded clay planting substrate is also used. The transition to the roof seal is formed by a protective membrane and a root barrier.

CN GREEN LINE planting substrate remains dimensionally stable in all weather conditions; it is rotproof, resistant to decomposition and extremely durable. CN Green Line products are impervious to wind suction; the expanded clay consists of individual particles which do not offer enough surface area for wind suction to develop. This makes it ideal for economical creation of a permanent rooftop garden which owners and visitors will be able to enjoy for a long time.

The required volume and layer thickness of CN GREEN LINE planting substrate depends on the statics of the roof and the desired vegetation. We will be happy to advise you about this. Contact us.

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