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For successful tree planting in difficult soil conditions

Trees thrive best when their roots are well aerated and they are sufficiently supplied with water and nutrients. This proves difficult in some locations – for example, in cities, where the soil is often very dense and is additionally sealed with concrete paving slabs. In such situations, the CN GREEN LINE root snorkel is the perfect solution. By natural means, it supplies young trees with everything they need for sound growth.

Reliable root ventilation and tree irrigation

The root snorkel is an approx. 120-cm long jute tube filled with expanded clay in various particle sizes. It connects the root area to the surface and, thanks to the special pore distribution, permits optimum soil gas exchange and continuous root ventilation. In addition, it assumes the task of precisely supplying the tree with nutrients and protecting it against dehydration. Through the root snorkel, irrigation water, rainwater and nutrients are able to penetrate unhindered straight down to the roots. In addition, the open-pored expanded clay stores moisture over an extended period and releases it again as needed.

The root snorkel is a natural alternative to drainage pipe

Unlike PVC drainage pipe, the jute tube filled with expanded clay is a 100 percent natural product. If it is no longer needed, it can remain in the ground. The jute tube decomposes without polluting the environment. The dimensionally stable expanded clay is resistant to frost, decay, rotting, decomposition and humic acid and thus also provides for long-term, growth-promoting loosening of the soil. Based on this sustained added value, the CN Consulting root snorkel offers appealing value for money.

Perfect interaction with supplementary expanded clay substrate

Optimum tree growth is achieved through interaction of the root snorkel with other CN GREEN LINE products that improve soil conditions. For tree planting, it is advisable to loosen the top soil with 2 – 4-mm mineral substrate and mix the humus of the subsoil with 4 - 10-mm substrate. Fill with our kidney-shaped expanded clay in the particle size 10 - 20 mm serves as drainage in the tree pit. Generally, four root snorkels are required per tree.

We will be happy to inform you personally about the advantages and ranges of application of the CN GREEN LINE root snorkel and the supplementary products and determine your volume requirements. Contact us.

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